Recode Studio is a brand new XR & Virtual Production Studio based in Manchester.

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Step into the world of modern luxury with our Contemporary Kitchen virtual location. This modern setting provides a modular environment which we can customise to suit your needs. The overall look is sleek, white, cool and spacious, providing a blank canvas to set your products as the hero visual in your content.

The open layout provides the perfect canvas for a variety of applications including TVC’s, product shots, food and drink content or dramas. We are able to finish this set if required with a foreground table-top or counter and complementing props to make the scene yours. This interior is also the perfect localisation solution with the ability to shoot multiple takes with tailored assets to suit several territories. We can easily swap in territory specific assets all within the single shoot day.

Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of a high-end cooking show or a dramatic film scene, you’ll find everything you need in this contemporary environment to bring your creative vision to life.


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