Recode Studio is a brand new XR & Virtual Production Studio based in Manchester.

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Our mission is to provide and facilitate world-class visual content production by utilising a new era of video technology known as virtual production. By combining the sheer power of video game engines, advanced camera tracking systems, large LED screens and the visualisation properties of VR, your vision, filmmaking and creative workflow can reach new heights. Providing high-end equipment and supported by first-class technical services, we can support content producers across all genres with innovative, streamlined, sustainable and incredibly powerful production processes. Ultimately, we can offer you an entirely new production experience that is more cost-effective, has accurate scheduling, reduces carbon output and offers incredible creative flexibility.
Our vision at Recode is to introduce the entire filmmaking and production industry to this new, exciting production technique while delivering visual output at the highest possible quality, improving sustainability, reducing production emissions and offering cost-effectiveness vs traditional filming methods. Say goodbye to inclement weather, insufficient lighting, mobilising huge crews and heavy equipment, physical set destruction and the inevitable over-time on an over-run shoot. Whether you’re producing a television commercial, broadcast, drama or corporate film, we can deliver a streamlined and enjoyable virtual production experience within a fully integrated facility.
A strategic partnership between event production specialists SBS Audio Visual and VFX agency Carbon Digital. SBS provides hi-end technical production services for the entertainment industry, film, sports and corporate events. Carbon provides VFX artists, creatives and producers delivering world-class, multi-award-winning VFX, VR, AR and XR game engine content. With over two decades of game-engine & VFX-based content creation experience, collaborating with clients including Unilever, Standard Chartered, Sony Computer Entertainment and Samsung.
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