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Zhiyun Crane Plus

£ 50.00 Daily Hire Price  excl. VAT

Zhiyun Crane Plus

The Crane Plus is capable of supporting a camera and lens that weigh up to an impressive 2.5kg / 5.51lbs. Not bad for such a handy small unit. So it can be used with small cameras like Panasonic’s GH4/5 or the Sony A7Smk2 and gives a fluid stabilised look to your footage.

£ 50.00 Daily Hire Price  excl. VAT

Tilta Hydra Alien

The Tilta Hydra Alien is a 3-point Mounting system with a shock-absorbing arm, with a 7.5kg payload making it suitable for a wide range of DSLR, Mirrorless and Compact camera setups. Designed to integrate with the Ronin RS-2, however a variety of small gimbals are also compatible. We recommend this unit is setup and operated by a Level 3 Grip, and is only used on closed or private roads.

£ 195.00

Tilta Advanced Ring

The TIlta Advanced Ring Grip attaches to the Ronin RS-2 to give a range of further options and ease of use. V-Lock plates allow a wider range of accessories to be used, and turn the RS 2 into a more ergonomic and practical setup. The Ronin RS2 (or other compatible gimbal) is hired separately – or you can hire just this grip to work with your own unit.

Skateboard / Flatbed

Low profile Dolly with Euroboss fitting for variety of Bazooka bases. Lightweight for easy transportation. Can also be used purely as a Flat Bed (without the Euro Boss column), to stand a tripod onto directly. Please note this is the Dolly only, you would require track for this to run on.

Set of 3

‘Elephant Feet’ riser and support blocks. Set of 3.

Scissor Track –

Various types of scissor track available for standard dolly systems. Fold down for easier transportation than the solid Ronford Baker sections.

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Ronford Baker Straight

High-End Film quality, solid metal and super-smooth track. Available in 8′, 6’, 4’and 2′ straight sections, curved sections also available.

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Ronford Baker Slider

The Ronford Baker Ultra high precision 48″ slider is a standard of the film industry because it is the best. Supplied with precision ground stainless steel runners and rollers, 360 degree lockable rotation and adjustable magnetic stops. Ultra high precision, ground stainless steel runners and rollers. 360 degree lockable rotation ‘Soft stop’ Adjustable magnetic stops ‘Tritium’ spirit level Mitchell to Mitchell fitting & 150m/m Bowl available for top

£ 165.00

Ronford Baker Slider

3ft Moy mount slider with all the precision you would expect from Ronford Baker. Comes with Carbon Monopods to support the ends.

£ 125.00

Ronford Baker Paddle

Twin-Tube Paddle Mount, Moy fitting suitable for 2527 heads or similar. 36″, 45″, 74″.

Ronford Baker Curved

High-End Film quality, solid stainless steel, super-smooth Curved Precision track. Available in 14′, 21′ and Supercurve 31′ diameter.

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Ronford Baker Bazooka

This is a complete kit comprising of small and large risers for any height requirement. Perfect for use with the Floatcam HD

Rolling Spider (Euro

Rolling Spider with Euro Boss fitting to take variety of Bazooka bases or attachments.

Prosup Tango Slider

1.2m slider, capable of comfortably holding up to 15kg. Can also be extended up to 2m, and has magnetic end stops to ensure a smooth end to the movement. It takes a standard 100mm bowl head, so if you don’t want to go all the way with the Ronford Baker slider and start dealing with Moy heads etc, this is a fantastic compromise slider.

£ 125.00

ProSup E-Jib Arm

Jib arm capable of holding 15kg on an arm that extends up to 120cm. The ProSup E-Jib folds neatly down to 72 cm and weighs only 11 kg, all folding into one easy to carry hard case for easy transportation and moving between locations. Adjustable both front and rear of the jibs pivot point to make the unit easy to operate, and with a standard 100mm bowl for use with an array of tripods such as the Sachtler Video 18 or Miller Compass.

Panther Gas Riser

Gas riser column to quickly rise and lower without having to remove multiple sections. Maximum payload 250kg.

£ 125.00

OConnor O-Rig

The Oconner O Rig Hand Held Moduler Rig is a collection of OConnor parts to produce bespoke rig solutions. All parts pack into one easy to transport hard case.

Moy 3-Way Leveller

3-Way Levelling Moy Hi Hat.

Movcam A7SII Cage

The Movcam 303-2400 Accessories Kit is compatible with the Sony Alpha A7S MkII and A7R MkII system cameras. It includes a camera cage with accessory shoe, top handle, riser block and LWS Base Plate.

Microphone Stand

Features of our Microphone Stands… Strong tripod metal base increases durability Adjustable height and angle for added versatility Rubber feet grips increase its stability Weighs over 2kg for increased steadiness and strength

Matthews Apple Box

Stack of 8 x Apple Boxes. We have a variety of types available including a smaller set which nest inside each other for easier transportation.


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