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Sony Venice CineAlta

The Sony Venice has a 36x24mm full-frame image sensor, and the AXS-R7 supports both RAW and X-OCN recording of MPEG HD (fixed FPS only), HD ProRes*, XAVC 4K* and XAVC QFHD. 15 stops of Dynamic Range and 17:9 with full height 2x squeeze Anamorphic.

£ 750.00 excl. VAT

Sony PXW X200

Sony PXW-X200 (PXWX200) XDCAM Solid State Memory Camcorder with 1/2-inch Exmor 3CMOS Sensor. The Sony PXW-X200 XDCAM Handheld Camcorder is the successor to Sony's PMW-200, featuring three 1/2" Exmor CMOS sensors with higher sensitivity and improved signal-to-noise ratio. It records up to 1080p60 video using the efficient XAVC Intra and Long GOP codecs with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling. To fit into existing workflows, MPEG HD422, HD420, and DV recording options are available. The camcorder is equipped with a 17x Fujinon zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 29.3-498.7mm. The lens has independent focus, zoom, and iris control rings with hard stops, offering full manual control. Zoom Ratio 17x (optical), servo/manual Focal Length f = 5.6-95.2 mm (35 mm equivalent: 29.3-499 mm) Iris F1.9-F16 and close, auto/manual selectable

£ 120.00 excl. VAT

Sony PXW FX9

The latest camera from Sony, the PXW-FX9 (Sony FX9) builds on the success of the popular PXW-FS7, with all the familiar features and setup of the FS7, but with a fantastic 6K Full frame sensor, giving improved image quality, shallower depth of field, and incredible low-light capabilities within the same popular and familiar, ergonomically-designed body. This is a really solid addition to Sony’s FX Range, and this camera is positioned beneath the Sony Venice, and above the ILME-FX6. 6K oversampled sensor allows stunning 4K, UHD and HD, in full frame or with a Super35mm sensor crop if you are using APSC lenses. Dual Base ISO of 800/4000, with 15 stops of Dynamic range. S-Cinetone Colour Science as default, which was developed by the same expertise who designed the stunning colour science present in this camera’s bigger brother, the Sony Venice. Our kits come with a HawkWoods rear plate to allow

£ 225.00 excl. VAT

Sony PXW FS7

Sony’s PXW-FS7 4K CMOS Camera features a 4K Super 35mm Exmor CMOS sensor and support for shooting in 4K 50p or Full HD at rates up to 180 fps. Selectable recording formats include XAVC, which supports 4K 50p, HD 50p in 4:2:2 10-bit recording, as well as the common MPEG-2 HD 422 format used by many broadcast stations around the world. Features a Sony E Mount, which can be converted to EF mount using the familiar Sony Metabones adapter (£25 addition ex VAT), allowing you to use standard L Series lenses as well as EF Mount Cinema Primes.

£ 125.00 excl. VAT

Sony PMW 300

PMW 300 Hire Sony’s newest addition to the PMW XDCam camera range. The PMW-300 (PMW300) has all the benefits of the PMW-200 (PMW200) but with the same LCD viewfinder as used on the Sony PMW-F5 and F55 4K Cinema Cameras. Pull out and adjustable shoulder pad makes this a semi-shoulder mount camera, making it more versatile than the smaller broadcast cameras. This would sit between the PMW-200 (PMW200) camera and PMW-500 (PMW500) camera in the Sony PMW camera range, as a full HD version of the popular PMW-EX3 camera. This meets full BBC HD standards, 422 50Mbit/s and has a 14x zoom lens. We think this is a fantastic camera, exceptionally well built with nice touches such as adjustable hand grip/zoom rocker, and with the familiar PMW range menu layout. Records to Sony SxS cards. This camera will also support the new XAVC 100MBit/s codec, which will be available in

£ 115.00 excl. VAT

Sony ILME-FX3 Camera

The Sony FX3 Full-frame Cinema Line camera was designed for solo-shooting . With the internal cooling system the FX3 can extend the shooting time and will be able to cover a wider range of shooting situations. It records outstanding 4K full frame quality at up to 120p with minimal rolling shutter, excellent low light capabilities (up to 409,800 ISO) and a wide dynamic range thanks to its 10.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor and new Bionz XR processor. It allows for more shooting expressions with the inclusion of S-LOG3 and S-CINETONE picture profiles defining a new era of Cinema line cameras from Sony. The Sony FX3 also provides more freedom for shooting videos with a fast and accurate Autofocus technology including Real-time Eye Autofocus, Real-time touch tracking and customisable autofocus tracking sensitivity. It also includes a 5axis inbody stabilisation with Active Mode, which makes it ideal for handheld shots. On

£ 120.00 excl. VAT


The FX6 is Sony’s new ‘in the middle’ of their FX range, also comprising the ILME-FX3 (FX3) and PXW-FX9 (FX9). This sits very nicely in the middle slot of the range, to make it a very useful camera for a wide range of projects. It’s lightweight, but records outstanding 4K full frame quality at up to 120p. The FX6 has recently been approved for Netflix projects. Excellent low light capabilities with a 409,800 maximum ISO, and a wide dynamic range with it’s 10.2 Megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor. Much like it’s bigger brother the FX9, the FX6 can shoot S-LOG3 and S-CINETONE picture profiles, as well as having features to make it a very ‘run and gun’ camera; real-time eye autofocus, real-time touch tracking and customisable autofocus tracking sensitivity. Like the others in the Sony Alpha range, this is a native E-Mount, so if you plan to use Canon mount

£ 160.00 excl. VAT

Sony a7s MkIII

With extreme full-frame movie performance including high sensitivity (expanded ISO up to 409600), 15-stop wide dynamic range, 4K 120p, fast and dependable autofocusing, and extra-strong image stabilisation, the α7S III again raises the bar even further for movie makers. The Sony A7S III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera takes the Sony Alpha series to a whole new level of full-frame movie expression. Іt’ѕ еquірреd wіth а new Ехmоr R 12МР Full Frame ВЅІ Ѕеnѕоr which has been paired with the nеwlу dеѕіgnеd ВІОNZ ХR Рrосеѕѕіng еngіnе. This prоvіdеѕ uр tо 8х fаѕtеr реrfоrmаnсе оvеr рrеvіоuѕ mоdеlѕ, reduced rolling shutter, 15 stops of dynamic range, extra-strong image stabilisation, ultra-low-noise & exceptional low light performance. Іt’ѕ vіdео сараbіlіtіеѕ offer up to 4К 120Р (4:2:2 10bіt) rесоrdіng аnd FНD 240Р fоr ѕtunnіng ѕlоw-mоtіоn video. New versions of XAVC feature the addition of HEVC/H.265 encoding or ALL-I encoding. Improved colour science which draws inspiration from Sony’s

£ 110.00 excl. VAT

Red Weapon 6K

RED cameras deliver stunning resolution and image quality - creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. DRAGON-X features the industry workhorse and award-winning DRAGON sensor, now with IPP2, delivering 6K cinematic imagery in a Super 35 format. A DSMC2 BRAIN is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD . Our Red Cameras are carbon fibre woven bodies ideal for use on a gimbal or drone and supplied with… 1 x Red Touch 7.0″ LCD Screen 2 x Red Mini-Mag 1TB 2 x Red Mini-Mag 512 GB 1 x Red Station Red Mini-Mag 1 x DSMC Low Light Optimised OLPF 1 x DSMC Skin Tone-Highlight OLPF 1 x DSMC Standard OLPF 1 x DSMC2 Top Handle 2 x Red Volt Batteries and Charger Take a look at some of the films that have

£ 345.00


RED have made a lot of cameras over the years but the delightfully cute KOMODO 6K will make a lot of friends. Its ideal for use on gimbals as it weighs only 2.1 lbs and its about 4 inches square. It’s made with the Canon RF lens mount that allows any other lens to be used with the right adaptor such as the Canon EF or high end PL lenses. The Super 35mm CMOS sensor has a Global Shutter and an impressive 16 stops of dynamic range. The images from this tiny camera and superb and it records footage 6K at 40 fps, 5K at 40 fps, 4K at 60 fps, and 2K at 120 fps.

£ 225.00 excl. VAT

Phantom 4K Flex

The Flex 4K camera provides super high-speed images: up to 938fps in a 4K resolution and 1977fps in 2K. It can also record in standard speeds: 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps. Hiring this camera requires a technician/data wrangler, so please contact us for availability and a quotation. Operator/DOP also available on request. Sensor: 35mm Phantom flex (27.7 x 15.5mm) Resolution: Up to 4K (4096×2304). RAM: 32Gb. Wireless remote control On board monitor High Speed: up to 2000 FPS (Full HD) / 3000 (HD). Sensitivity: from 250 ISO to 2000 ISO Latitude: 12+ stops. Weight: 6.3 KG Mount: PL

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Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera

This small compact camera from Panasonic has a newly developed 5.7 K Super 35mm sensor that can capture 4K/10-bit 4:2:2 images. With dual native ISO’s of 800/2500 that offer very high sensitivity with little noise coupled with 14-stops of dynamic range, V-Log gamma and wide-colour-gamut V-Gamut colorimetry, inherited from the VariCam Series, ensure cinema-like pictures. It is equipped with an EF lens mount and can achieve high-frame-rate recording of 4K 60 fps/2K 240 fps maximum. The detachable handle and rotary grip add a new dimension of mobility by enabling the installation of the A nice option for drone and gimbal operators as it has a detachable rotary grip and handle.

£ 130.00

Insta360 ONE X2

Insta360 ONE X2 Pocket Camera with Ultra-Bright Touchscreen and Voice Control (p/n CINOSXX/A). The One X2 is an incredible multi-cam rig that fits in your pocket. With single lens shooting or dual lens 5.7k capture, it has the smoothest stabilisation in the game. Shoot 360° footage and broadcast it live to Facebook and Youtube or use the powerful companion editing application on your smartphone to take your footage further. Now waterproof to 10m deep (without a case) the One X2’s incredible ingress ‘IPX8’ protection rating allows you to take it out in a rainstorm or shoot brilliant bullet-time footage in the pool. In steady cam mode it will capture ultra-stable wide-angle footage. In 360° cam mode it will activate both lenses, capturing the surroundings in detailed video, allowing you to frame it later in super 5.7K resolution.

Insta360 11K Titan

The Titan utilises 8 Micro Four Thirds Sensors, currently the largest available in any VR camera, offering outstanding quality, dynamic range and low-light performance for high-end VR filming. Titan is the first unibody VR camera to shoot at 11K mono and 10K 3D, and with 3.3-micron pixels – 7x higher than 4K. With a 9-axis gyro and advanced FlowState Stabilisation, dynamic shots come out perfectly stable with no gimbal required. It also offers “No-stitch” editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, meaning the timely and costly post-production process usually associated with VR capture is just non-existent. If you wanted someone with VR experience then we can provide an operator also (at additional cost), give us a call with your requirements and we will find the suitable person for your project.

£ 450.00

GoPro Max 360

Maximum. Wow Packing Max HyperSmooth, Max TimeWarp, Max SuperView—plus a single-lens HERO and dual-lens 360 camera—MAX maxes out the radness. Three Cameras in One Shoot single-lens HERO-style video with unbreakable stabilization or capture immersive 360 footage in 6K4. Vlog to the max with shotgun-mic performance and a front-facing screen. Max HyperSmooth Say hello to the new king of stabilization. Max HyperSmooth delivers the smoothest video ever from a GoPro—plus game-changing horizon leveling, when you want it. Digital Lenses Tap through four lenses to nail any shot: Narrow, distortion-free Linear, Wide and Max SuperView—our widest view yet. Reframe With the GoPro app, easily transform mind-bending 360 footage into traditional videos and photos. Play back, edit and share—all from your phone. PowerPano Capture unbelievable, distortion-free 270° panoramic shots with one click. Take PowerPano selfies, action shots and vertical pics—all with a level horizon. 360 Audio Six—yes, six—built-in microphones combine to capture immersive

GoPro HERO 10

Just some of the GoPro HERO 10 Black features… 5.3К60/4К120/2.7К240 Vіdео & 23МР Ѕtіllѕ 23МР ѕеnѕоr wіth GР2 Сhір Тіmе-Lарѕе, Nіght-Lарѕе & 8х Ѕlо-Мо 1080р Lіvе Ѕtrеаmіng Enhаnсеd lоw-lіght реrfоrmаnсе LіvеВurѕt rесоrdѕ 45 frаmеѕ іn 1.5ѕ bеfоrе/аftеr уоur ѕhоt НуреrЅmооth 4.0 Іmаgе Ѕtаbіlіѕаtіоn fоr hоrіzоn lеvеllіng Wаtеrрrооf tо 10 mеtеrѕ wіthоut dеdісаtеd GоРrо hоuѕіng

Freefly Wave Compact

Our Freefly Wave High Speed Camera comes with 2TB of storage and is small, light, and insanely fast. Built to fly, jump, run the Wave is compact, Light and simple to use weighing in at only 600g. In 4K you can record up to 420fps and in 2K you can go up to a staggering 1,440fps. Media Size 2TB Media Internal SSD Format S35 Continuous Capture Time 4096 x 2176, 422fps, 2TB – 39min 2048 x 188, 1462fps, 2TB – 45min Follow this link to see all frame rate options https://freefly.gitbook.io/freefly-public/products/wave-camera/maximum-f… Mount Ultra lightweight locking E mount so you can adapt to anything be it EF or PL Global Shutter Say goodbye to rolling shutter artifacts. Wave uses a global shutter to capture the world as accurately as possible. Build Wave is made of 6061 aluminium and features mounting hard points on all sides of the camera. Video output HDMI

£ 295.00

DJI Osmo X5

We really like the Osmo X3 but the X5 is just as good at holding a steady shot and it has a much better camera. The Zenmuse X5 camera has a micro 4/3 sensor for improved low light, impressive dynamic range and better overall image quality. It records in HD or 4K and takes 16 megapixel photos. It has a MFT interchangeable lens mount so a huge range of lenses can be used. Video Resolution (max frame rate) UHD: 4096×2160 (25p) HD” 1920×1080 (50p) Max Video Bitrate 60 Mbps Supported File Formats FAT32 / exFAT Photo: JPEG, DNG Video: MP4, MOV (MPEG-4/AVC/H.264F)

Canon ME20F-SH Ultra

4 million ISO.. yes, you read that correctly… 4 million ISO. Shoot with only starlight at +75dB with a 35mm full frame 2.26 Megapixel CMOS sensor. Compact and only 1.1kg making it ideal for setting up quickly in location or mounting to robotic heads or cranes. It has a Canon EF lens mount, compatible with a wide range of EF lenses. Please bare in mind this is a very specialist camera, designed specifically around low light shooting. For that reason the kit itself is very stripped down to reduce weight and size, with no viewfinder or monitor attached as standard. Please speak to us about your setup so we can make sure you have external monitors, media recorder and a suitable powering solution for your needs.

£ 250.00 excl. VAT

Canon EOS-1DX Mark

With lightning fast and precise focusing, image quality with high latitude, incredible levels of detail and sharpness even in low light and 4K movies all from a CMOS sensor designed and made by Canon, the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR enhances the professional photographer’s creative workflow as never before, a revolutionary ultra-high speed camera, suitable for any situation. Format: Full Frame Memory Card Type: CF, CFast 2.0 Resolution: 20 Megapixels Sensor Type: CMOS Video Resolution: 4K, HD 1080 Weight: 1kg-2kg

£ 130.00 excl. VAT

Canon EOS 5D

The new version of the incredibly popular 5D Mk 3 offers all new features, most notably the jump up to 4K video, whilst retaining all of the design elements and features that made the previous incarnations of the 5D range so popular for photography and video alike. It has a 30 Megapixel full frame sensor, producing 4K video with a 61-point autofocus system, or 120fps in Full HD. And for photographers you can enjoy 30 megapixel images with a duel Pixel RAW files, giving huge options in post-production.

£ 100.00 excl. VAT

Blackmagic URSA Mini

Incredible 12K Super-35 Sensor The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K (PL Mount) has a 12,288 x 6480 12K Super 35 sensor and 14 stops of dynamic range, in the familiar Ursa Mini Body that has been so popular for it’s ergonomic design, build quality and features. With all new colour science and a stunning 80 megapixels per frame, this is a pioneering camera for the world of 12K capture. Don’t need 12K? Undersampling from a 12K sensor to 8K or 4K gives incredible definition and detail to every pixel, and subtle skin tones that make this camera compete with the high-end Film cameras. The massive resolution of the sensor means you can reframe shots delivered in lower resolutions by huge amounts, and it’s perfect for great looking vertical and square video, too. You can shoot up to 60 fps in 12K, 110 fps in 8K and up to 220 fps

£ 200.00 excl. VAT

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema

Featuring a larger 6144 x 3456 Super 35 sensor and EF lens mount, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K lets you use larger EF photographic lenses to create cinematic images with shallower depth of field, allowing creative defocussed backgrounds and gorgeous bokeh effects! Extra resolution also gives you more room for reframing in editing and colour correction. This means that you can shoot in 6K and then in post production zoom and re‑frame to allow wide shots and close ups to be created, all from a single camera and without losing image quality! Our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k comes supplied with 1 x 1TB SSD drive and 2 x 128 CFast cards*, we supply 8 x LP-6 Batteries and it also comes with a V-lock mount (V-Lock Batteries can be supplied at additional cost) Allows capture of deeper colours, higher image detail and a wider dynamic range than cameras

£ 115.00 excl. VAT

Arri Amira Camera

The Amira can shoot up to 200 frames per second in 2K, and is lighter and easier to shoulder mount than the popular Alexa, but with the same World renowned sensor. Ergonomically designed to be balanced for shoulder mounting, pair this up with our Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 and you’ve got what we believe will be the perfect documentary camera.

£ 320.00 excl. VAT

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