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Astera Titan Tube

Astera Titan tubes are the ultimate choice for filmmakers in studios or on location to make amazing images. It emits powerful tuneable white light with ultra-high colour rendering as well as coloured light that can be controlled to individual pixels or the whole tube. They give unlimited options for the creative filmmaker. Either indoor or outdoor, powered from the mains or battery and controlled vis the AsteraApp, with wired or wireless DMX or by the on light control.

£ 250.00 excl. VAT

Astera Helios 8-Tube

Helios Tube is an 550mm RGB – Amber – Mint LED lighting Tube that has all the features of the popular Titan Tube while offering a smaller format. It allows mounting in areas where a Titan Tube wouldn’t fit and also increases portability. Colours and brightness are perfectly matched to those of the Titan Tube`s.

£ 170.00 excl. VAT

Astera AX1 Pixel

Set of 8 programmable LED tubes. Control with your tablet/phone app or set preset colour patterns. Control as a group or each tube individually, perfect for events and music videos to give exciting vibrant colours with infinite possibilities. Battery life of 20 hours on a 7 hour charge, can be DMX controlled and are iP65 outdoor rated. The tubes are lightweight enough to be rigged in almost any position; with turtle stands for simple upright positioning, hanging brackets for attaching to overhead rigs, or just simply clip to any other fixture, they’re lightweight enough for nearly anything! For more information check out the manufacturers website : https://astera-led.com/ax1 Our kits includes : 8 x Tubes 8 x Stands (for display vertically from the ground) 16x Eye Bolts (for hanging vertically) 16x Hanging Brackets (for suspending horizontally/diagonally) 1x Tablet for Controlling via App 2x Infra-Red Remotes All Supplied in the Astera hard

£ 175.00 excl. VAT

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